Why Us

Why Us?
Why should I try a vacation rental? Wouldn’t it be easier to stay in a hotel?
Vacation rentals offer more privacy, more comfort, and more freedom than hotel rooms. Not only that — your apartment, cottage, or villa also comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, making a vacation rental an economical choice. When two or more people are traveling, a rental is usually considerably less expensive than staying in hotel rooms and eating all of your meals out.
Why Villas International versus another agency? We are now in our 29th year in business, and, as the second oldest international vacation rental company in the United States, we are listed with almost every national tourist office and in major guidebooks. Over the years, we have also been featured in many major national magazines and newspapers, including Condé Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Gourmet, Money, the New York Times, and the L.A. Times. But our best advertising may be word-of-mouth, and we have many repeat clients.
Why book with Villas International, a US agent? For one thing, if you’re from the US: we’re right here! For another, ask yourself a very important travel planning question: despite the best of intentions and the best planning on everyone’s part, what if something unexpected occurs? To whom will you be able to go — as the unexpected happens? What about after it happens? If you book with us, the answer is clear: Villas International.
Does Villas International guarantee the quality of its properties? We work with longtime suppliers who have proven reliable over many years. Local or regional management companies regularly inspect 99% of the properties. The other 1% are privately owned by people whom we have worked with over the years. Because we offer thousands of properties around the world and because the condition of a home changes from day to day, we guarantee quality for each client by having a knowledgeable local representative oversee the property. Villas International owns no properties, so all information is passed on from the owners or local agents in good faith.
How do I know what the property is like? Villas International will supply you with the fullest available description of the property, including photographs in almost every case. Our staff is available to answer any questions. Quite often, we actually understate descriptions so that when you arrive, the property will exceed your expectations.
I’m an American. Can I expect American-style accommodations? In general, we do not promise American-style accommodations because going abroad means experiencing other ways of life, living in typical places, and shopping where the locals do.

We do offer a wide range of properties and styles of accommodations vary considerably from country to country and region to region. For those who want the most up-to-date accommodations, city apartments in modern residences may be quite similar to modern American properties. Privately owned apartments can offer more variation and a taste of the authentic life of a city, whether it be London, Paris, or Rome. Outside the major cities, you will usually find less cosmopolitan accommodations and furnishings, reflecting local cultures and standards. We offer many historic older homes that have been renovated to provide modern conveniences but still preserve the architecture and style of another era.

Also keep in mind that in other parts of the world, it is far less common to find air-conditioning, clothes dryers, VCRs, stereos, and other such amenities. Kitchen appliances may work differently and bedrooms may be small by American standards. These disclaimers aside, all of our properties offer modern kitchens and bathrooms and a basic level of comfort in the furnishings – and many far exceed these basic standards.

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